Owning a pet can be a great pleasure. It can be rewarding and annoyingly funny, having them around you all the time. However, you must know some pros and cons of owning a pet before letting one or more pets into your house. Here are a few that you can check:

Pros of owning a pet: 

Of course, there are so many pros that you can enjoy when adding some furballs to your family. Here are some perks that you can enjoy: 

1. Stress relief

Science says that cuddling your furball of happiness reduces your anxiety. Studies revealed that your body releases the “happy” hormones such as serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin when you are petting your dog or cat. These all elevate your mood, which results in a happy feeling and relieving your stress. Feeling stressed lately? Grab your furry friend now (if they let you pet them, that is…)!

2. Safety

If you wish to have a 24/7 house guard, owning a pet is the cheapest and efficient way! Animals have their instincts when an intruder is in your house. Endless barking at night may be their signal of letting you know that some strange things are going on. Be extra cautious next time your dog barks at someone in your doorstep. It could be an intruder or someone your dog doesn’t trust. 

3. Companionship

Pets make the perfect companion in life! Some say that “Pets are far more loyal than your boyfriend or girlfriend.” They offer endless love and loyalty, and they will never get tired of showing you their love with wet and sappy licks in your face. With your pets in your house, you would never be alone! Your pets are your automatic life-partners! 

To be adored. A pet's love is unconditional and a heartwarming pro of owning a pet.
To be adored. A pet’s love is unconditional and a heartwarming pro of owning a pet.

4. Health benefits

Several studies have concluded that owning a pet offers you a lot of great health benefits. Owning a pet means you need to keep them active, and with this, you also get to walk around and keep fit. And, your fur babies are also good for your heart. They make you happier and lessens your level of anxiety. In some instances a pet may even become a positive part of treating an emotional or mental disability. Thinking of living longer? Contact your nearest shelter and adopt your fur baby now! 

Cons of owning a pet:

1. No more privacy

Owning a pet means you’re no longer alone… ever. They want to make sure that you are always safe and guided. They follow you everywhere, literally, EVERYWHERE! Getting in the shower means having a tail wagging and eyes begging to be with you. Even doing your own “business” in the toilet means seeing a pair of eyes popping in your door, begging for attention in the middle of, you know, your “business.” Oh, don’t worry, they don’t mind the smell. They love you for who you are and how you smell! 

2. No more social life

If you wish to go out and party at night, this might change once owning a pet. With them, you only wish nothing but to stay at home, cuddle them in your old pajamas with a bowl of popcorn in one hand, and a dog in the other. Say goodbye to your social life because your pets will steal you away from the crowd. Besides, what is better than Netflix and chill with your pet, right?

3. It can get costly

Owning a pet could probably (or definitely) rob your bank account! Think of it this way; their shampoo is more expensive than yours, their grooming is more expensive than your trip to a salon! Not to mention their toys, their food, and don’t forget their Instagramable OOTD! Yes, owning them means you have to cut off an extra part from your paycheck, but the love they give is priceless! 

A pet gotta eat. The cost of maintaining a pet could be considered a con to some potential pet owners.
A pet gotta eat. The cost of maintaining a pet could be considered a con to some potential pet owners.

4. Can’t wear dark-colored clothes

If you are a fan of dark-colored shirts, you may simply settle for the white ones. Your pet’s fur easily flood-stains all over your shirt, making it look as if it’s a special design print. However, having these hairs all over your shirt may be a mess, but it shows that you and your pet live in a great home!

The pros of owning a pet may outweigh the cons

It is no secret to say that owning a pet is highly beneficial for most pet owners. They are your life partners, they help you plot your crimes at home, and they also give you unconditional love. Pets love you as much as they love themselves!