Kittens are one of the most vulnerable pets to take care of. They are so small and fragile, and they require extreme care from their carers. It may be a general assumption that baby cats should drink milk to grow up strong, but as a matter of fact, kittens and milk don’t mix well. Learn more about when a cat outgrows milk and what effects milk may have on their health.

Mother cats know when to wean their kittens

Mother cats start weaning their kittens at the age of 4-8 weeks. The mother cat would no longer let their kittens drink their milk. However, some older kittens drink milk from their mothers only to get comfort and assurance. In most cases, if your kittens are fully weaned, it is advised that you avoid letting the kittens drink cow’s milk. This may lead to worse health for your furry friend

Is milk bad for kittens?

Yes. Most cats, especially kittens, are lactose intolerant. Their intolerance can result in excessive vomiting and diarrhea if they have too many dairy products. However, there is a milk formula that is specially produced for cats and kittens. These formulae have less lactose content, which makes them more suitable and promotes health in kittens. 

Is it safe to give kittens soy milk? Or almond milk?

You have to remember that kittens have highly sensitive stomachs, and feeding them with varied milk such as soy and almond milk could have adverse effects on their health. You must avoid feeding them any nut milk because not only will they give your kittens diarrhea, but they also lack the amino acids that the kittens need for their growth. 

Is goat milk safe for kittens?

You may have read articles of someone recommending goat milk to feed your pets—cats and dogs. Their posts may be intriguing and enticing with all the health benefits that they offer. However, most veterinarians do not recommend feeding goat’s milk to your kittens. It is wise that you seek advice from your vet before feeding goat milk to your cats. 

Kittens are very fragile and vulnerable. It's important to feed them correctly and be aware that kittens and milk don't mix well.
Kittens are very fragile and vulnerable. It’s important to feed them correctly and be aware that kittens and milk don’t mix well.

Can I feed my kitten milk formula?

Kittens that are weaned need to be fed with the best milk available. Before the weaning age of 4-5 weeks, your kittens need to be nursed. However, there are instances when your kittens are not in good health and it is your judgment call when to start the weaning process. If your kitten shows signs of lethargy and inactivity, you should get them back to feeding formula for a couple of days before trying to wean again. If you see that your kitten is healthy enough for weaning, you may opt to bottle feeding them with milk formula.

When is the best time to give my kittens solid food?

After just a few weeks, your kittens would be old enough. You may notice some baby teeth are showing off from their gums. This is now the best time to introduce canned kitten food. It is also advised that you mix it with their milk formula so that they still get accustomed to the taste and the smell. Your primary and main goal is to let your kittens get used to the taste of the food that you are feeding them.

If you notice your kitten has difficulty munching on canned food, you may blend it with their formula, so the food is finer in texture and is easier to eat. Do not be scared of some trials and errors. Those are part of the caring and fostering for your fur babies. 

In time, you would be able to replace their canned kitten food with some more solid ones. Eventually, your fur babies would learn to eat on their own, just like your children eating messily on their high chairs.

The beautiful challenge of raising kittens

Taking care of a kitten can be scary at first. You have to realize the caution that you need to exert in taking care of them. They are like teeny weeny newborns people who need to be handled with extra care. Just remember that kittens and milk don’t mix well, and introducing them to food can be a process that needs patience and some trial and error. And aside from feeding them, you also need to smother them with so much love and care so that they get to grow in their happy and joyful world of adulthood!