Enjoying a stroll in the park is probably one of the most enjoyable activities for someone who has a dog. But this pleasing activity also has its downsides that range from cleaning the mud off your dog to stopping him/her from fighting with other dogs (or animals). However, the worst of them all is getting rid of fleas which might harm you as well. While there are many solutions to this problem, not all of them are healthy to be performed on your dog. Thus, we have assembled a list of ways on how to naturally get rid of fleas on your dogs. 

Using a flea comb 

naturally get rid of fleas by using a flea comb

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This is the simplest way to naturally get rid of fleas. On the off chance that your dog hasn’t taken a bath in mud during your evening walk, comb your dog’s hair using this thoroughly till all the hair is straightened out and all the fleas have fallen off. You may have to repeat this a few more times depending on how hairy your dog is. 

Try some Flea Shampoo 

There are many flea shampoos available on the market that loosen the grip of the fleas on your dog’s hair and skin. You can find shampoos that aren’t full of chemicals to help you naturally get rid of fleas.

Yorkie getting a bath to get rid of fleas

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In addition, you can convert any dog shampoo to a flea shampoo. Add equal proportions of shampoo with some lemon juice and then add double the amount of water. Use this mixture to bathe your dog while getting rid of any dirt he or she rolled in. After shampoo, be sure to comb the dog’s hair properly using the flea comb again for best results.

Clean the bedding regularly 

Your dog might not be the only one getting fleas into your house. If you have multiple pets, this point is especially important. Any animal can transfer the fleas from themselves to the bedding of other animals and thus the animals themselves.

You should wash all your pets regularly and keep the bedding clean to reduce the chance of transfer of fleas from one pet to another. At the same time remember to dry all these washed clothes as well.  

Make your dog drink apple cider vinegar to naturally get rid of fleas

naturally get rid of fleas

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One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar combined with a quarter liter of water can be used as a substitute for water in a dog’s daily life. This makes the fur that the dog grows slightly acidic in nature and helps naturally get rid of fleas by repelling them. However, direct application of this solution may lead to irritable skin and should be avoided. 

Clean your house regularly 

A clean environment isn’t a suitable condition for fleas to flourish. That is why it is important to clean the house regularly, especially corners where your pet might cuddle up. Places which have high humidity and are away from the sunlight can be dusted with boric powder which ultimately kills the larvae, eggs, and fleas. Just make sure that the pet does not ingest any boric acid. You can also deter your pets from these areas using some small barricades. 

Make an anti-flea collar to naturally get rid of fleas

An anti-flea collar helps repel fleas with the help of strong scents coming from it. This can be achieved by applying lavender tree or tea tree oil to the collar of your dog once a week. A substitute can be essential oils from other trees.

Naturally get rid of fleas with a dog collar

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You could also put this oil on a handkerchief and tie it around your dog’s neck. However, be careful and ask your vet for further instructions since some dog breeds and many cat breeds are intolerant to this oil. 

Use anti–flea bags 

Fleas hate almost all pleasant-smelling substances. To make an anti-flea bag, take a breathable cotton bag. Add a few cedar chips, lemon peels, and lavender buds in it to naturally get rid of fleas. Then place this near your pet’s favorite spots and watch the fleas keep their distance from them. 

In general, keeping everything around the house clean and tidy will help you naturally get rid of fleas. The best solution is obviously to quarantine your pet, but we all know that is not possible at all. So, take care of these few things and enjoy with your pet to the fullest extent possible. Do let us know of your home remedies for fleas in the comments below! 

How to Naturally Get Rid of Fleas in 7 Simple Steps