Traveling with your pet is stressful enough. Add to that stress the worry about how will your pet relieve themselves, and that’s enough to ruin your joy of travel. You can avoid all that by preparing in advance and figuring out where the pet relief areas are at your airport. Here is an easy guide to these areas in the top 10 US airports.

LAX – Los Angeles Airport Pet Relief Areas

You can find eight pet relief areas in this airport. They are a bit small, but they are always clean, and bags are provided. Note that they are covered with Astroturf since some dogs don’t approve of it. Below is a map with directions.

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JFK – John F. Kennedy Airport Pet Relief Areas

There are many outdoor pet relief areas on the JFK. They are located pre-security on Terminals 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 outside their respective Arrivals halls. However, there is a luxurious pet area with bathroom on Terminal 4, between B31 and B33 and a stunning JetBlue “Wooftop” area for pets and their owners on the Terminal 5.

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SFO – San Francisco International Airport Pet Relief Areas

It is easy to find your pet relief areas on the SFO. All you need to do is follow the paw print signs that lead the way from the Arrivals area. Still, here is a map for better understanding.

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ATL – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Pet Relief Areas

This airport features seven pet relief areas. To find these go to the areas: A10, B33, C19, D Centerpoint, E14, F17, and T7 on the map below. There’s also a large dog park on Terminal South, in the Ground Transportation area, and another pet area outside Terminal North.

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ORD – O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois Pet Relief Areas

There are four outdoor Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA) on this airport. All of these are on the lower level. On Terminal 1, head to the Baggage claim and exit the door 1A.

From the Terminal 2, you can access the other two areas, by exiting the doors 2E and 3A from the Baggage Claim Area. The indoor SARA is at the post-security area at Terminal 3 Rotunda.

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On Terminal 5, exit the Door 5B from the Baggage Claim.

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DFW – Dallas/Fort Worth International Pet Relief Areas

The four pet relief areas inside security on this airport are by the following entry doors: Terminal A: A29, Terminal B: B28, Terminal D: D18, Terminal E: E31.

Pre-security pet relief areas are Terminal A: A8, Terminal C: C2, C39, Terminal D: D15, D29, Terminal E: E2, E38.

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DEN – Denver International Airport Pet Relief Areas

The most of the pet relief areas in DEN are in the central areas of the A, B and C Gates in the pre-security area. The only pre-security area is near the door 200 of the Jeppesen Terminal.

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LAS – McCarran International Airport Pet Relief Areas

Terminal 1 in LAS has two outdoor pet relief areas near the Departures. Another one is at the end of the east corridor at the B Gates. On the Terminal 3, there are two outdoor areas on the departures and one indoor area between E10 and E11. The indoor area is in the central area of the Gates G.

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CLT – Charlotte Douglas International Airport Pet Relief Areas

Find the indoor pet relief area between the A and B checkpoints, in the connecting corridor.

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The outside pre-security area is near the Arrivals and the Baggage Claim. This is at the lowest level of the airport.

IAH – George Bush Intercontinental Airport Pet Relief Areas

There are both outside and inside pet relief areas on this airport. The outside areas are on Terminals A, B, D, and E.

On Terminals A and B, you will find them near the shuttles and limousines pick-up. Terminal D and E pet areas are near the terminal entrance.

Inside areas are near the Gates C2 on Terminal C and D6 on Terminal D. Terminal D, inside (post-security), across from Gate D6.

While the website suggests there is a pet relief area on the Terminal C, the airport visitors claim otherwise.

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These are maps and guides for the busiest airports in the USA. While the pet relief areas are not always visible looking from the outside, take a moment and watch for the signs like paw prints and similar. In most airports, you will find them and be able to reach the relief area for your pet.