When your pet brings home some fleas, you need to get rid of them fast. If you don’t, you can end up with a serious flea infestation problem. You need to find the best flea medication that will help you eliminate fleas quickly and efficiently. Here you will learn why it’s important to act fast, what flea remedies are available, and what you should look for in terms of speed, ease of use, and safety.

Why you need to get rid of fleas fast

If you’re a little late with prevention and your pet has the fleas, this could lead to health issues. Whether you own a cat or a dog, flea bites can cause allergies, skin infection, and blood loss. Fleas can also pass on harmful bacteria and tapeworms. As you can see, these small annoying insects can cause serious health problems. Worst case scenario, an animal could die as a result of heavy flea infestation.

So what can you do to help your furry friend get rid of fleas fast? There is a range of products on the market, including natural flea remedies. However, the best flea medication you can get is fast, safe, and easy to use. Don’t torture your buddy with a simple comb or low-grade shampoo if he has hundreds of fleas on him. You will just prolong the suffering of your pet while also stressing him or her out.

Flea medication considerations

Flea medication comes in several forms. The best flea medication works quickly and it will also protect your cat or dog from ticks and other pests. Keep in mind, though, that flea medication can cause an allergic reaction in some animals. In addition, you need to ensure you’re not using products made for dogs to treat your cat and vice versa.

You should also consider your animal’s weight and living environment. Does your pet live indoors or outside? Do you often go for walks in the woods? Is the area where you live known for fleas and ticks? Are the animals that come in close contact with your furry friend infested? How severe is the infestation?

All of these considerations should be taken into account when choosing between a collar, shampoo, powder, spray, topical treatment (or spot-on) and chewable flea medication. All of these options are available and choosing the best flea medication can give you a headache. We’ll help you make the right decision.

Best flea medication – which one should you choose?

Flea shampoos are considered the best flea medicine by some owners as they can offer quick relief. However, as efficient as shampoos are for treating a heavy infestation, they only kill adult fleas. When the next generation hatches, the problem will re-emerge.

Flea powder, flea dips and bombs can all contain harmful chemicals that are especially dangerous for cats. If you have cats in the household, avoid using these.

Flea sprays work similar to topical medications but some sprays contain potentially harmful ingredients. You need to apply them all over the skin and some products need to be used on a weekly basis.

Collars are possibly the most convenient and cost-efficient way for long-term protection. Owners of short-haired dogs, indoor dogs, and those that live in areas that aren’t heavily infested can benefit from collars. Although they can provide up to 8 months of flea and tick protection, they are not as efficient as spot-ons and can contain harmful chemicals.

Topical treatments or spot-ons are probably the best flea medication on the market right now. Premium products are effective against both fleas and ticks and contain insect-growth regulators. Within 24 hours, your pet should be pest free and the protection will last for a month. All you need to do is apply a spot-on in a small area on the back of the animal’s neck so they can’t lick it off. Watch the animal within the next 24 hours and limit contact with people and other pets to prevent the transfer of medication.

topicals are the best flea medication and prevention

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Finally, chewable flea medication is an extremely good option if you’re dealing with a serious infestation and need instant results. The best flea medication in the form of tablets will start killing the fleas in less than an hour. The effects last 24 hours but there’s no long-term protection. You might want to repeat the treatment until you’re in the clear or combine the chewable with spot-ons to prevent the eggs from hatching. You can simply slip a tablet into your dog’s food bowl when it’s feeding time. Warning: cats will probably not fall for this trick.

Always read the labels prior to use. Most flea medication is not suitable for very young puppies. If you’re still not sure what the best flea medication would be for your pet, ask your vet for advice.