Health problems can occur in any living being. Of course, no one wants to see their pet sick; however, we must be aware of the types of health issues our pets might develop, their causes, and the treatments thereof. Below a list of some of the common dog health issues.

Arthritis in senior dogs

If you have a senior dog, watch out for arthritis, as it is a common problem for older dogs. When looking for signs of arthritis, monitor your dog’s walk and run pattern. If you notice limping and a slowing down of movements, your dog might be suffering from arthritis. 

Treatment for arthritis in dogs

Although arthritis is incurable, there are ways to alleviate your dog’s pain. First, you have to ensure that your dog gets a healthy diet daily. You may click here for a list of food to feed your arthritic dog. Walk your dog regularly to exercise its joints and muscles. However, if your dog is severely arthritic, it is best to see your veterinarian for a proper prescription. 

Worms in dogs

Deworming is a basic necessity for all dogs. If you fail to deworm your dogs regularly, they may get infected. To know if your dog has worms, you may notice sudden weight loss, loose stool, lethargy, and a swollen stomach. 

Treatment for Worms in dogs

You cannot self-medicate worms for dogs. You have to see a veterinarian. They can properly diagnose which type of worm is infecting your dogs with fecal laboratory analysis. The veterinarian will prescribe medications to get rid of your pup’s worms. 

Allergies in dogs

Just like allergies may affect humans, dogs can develop allergies as well. If your dog keeps scratching a particular area in its body, it may be a skin allergy. Or if your dog keeps sneezing, coughing, and is lethargic, your dog may have a nasal or respiratory allergy. 

Treatment for allergies in dogs

Treating allergies in dogs is quite tricky because you have to know what causes the allergic reaction. A few of the common allergens are from the dog’s food, shampoo, and plants in the house. You have to identify and remove the allergens. Your dog’s allergic symptoms should improve thereafter. However, if your dog’s allergies persist, it is best to contact your veterinarian immediately. 

Early detection of the symptoms may be the key to a successful treatment of these common dog health issues. - PetsReport
Early detection of the symptoms may be the key to a successful treatment of these common dog health issues.

Kennel cough in dogs

Kennel cough is a respiratory infection. If you have multiple dogs in your house, it is best to isolate the infected dog to avoid the spread of the disease. Your dog may have kennel cough if it consistently coughs, has a runny nose, is lethargic, and does not eat. 

Treatment for kennel cough in dogs

Since kennel cough is an infection, you need to take your pup to your veterinary clinic. Your vet will prescribe antibiotics or antiviral medications. Your dog should get vaccinated against kennel cough regularly. This does not only prevents infection but also keeps your dog’s immune system strong. 

Ear mites in dogs

Ear infections are common for dogs, especially those who are constantly out and about. Ear mites are caused by dust and dirt that gets stuck in the dog’s ear and eventually causes an infection. You would know if your dog has ear mites if it constantly scratches its ear and sometimes bark due to discomfort. 

Treatment for ear mites in dogs

If your dog has ear mites, bring your dog to your animal clinic. The vet will swab your dog’s ear and check for a possible infection. Ear drops and antibiotics are prescribed to stop the disease. To avoid further ear infections, you should clean your dog’s ear regularly.

Cancer in dogs

Just like human beings, dogs can also develop cancer, especially as they age. Common cancer in dogs includes anal sac cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer, and melanoma. Detecting cancer at an early stage is ideal for better and faster treatment. To spot cancer, check your dog’s body for any strange lumps. 

Treatment for cancer in dogs

Cancer in dogs is treated in the same way as humans; treatments can range from surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. The vet also prescribes medications to expedite the healing process.

Prevention as Main Responsibility 

It is dreadful to think of your dogs may suffer from one of these common dog health issues. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to complete your pet’s vaccination and regularly visit your trusted veterinarian for professional help. Having a dog is not just having a fun pet around. Having a dog means taking full responsibility and giving them the best life they deserve.