Doctors can hesitate to sign a letter that certifies your pet as an emotional support animal. This is primarily because some people are misusing this letter for common pets in order to take them everywhere. However, there are a few doctors who don’t even consider ESAs helpful for patients. They discredit the benefits of emotional support animals and insist on using drugs over ESAs to treat mental illnesses. So why do they do this? Read on to find out.

Using drugs over ESAs is good for business

Doctors are often sponsored by a few pharmaceutical companies.

Using drugs over ESAs is good for business

The companies help them run their clinics or get new medical equipment. In return, these doctors have to advertise their names or try to prescribe their medicines as much as possible. Hopefully, the doctor is looking out for your best interest and will prescribe the right chemical for you. But this medicine will belong to the sponsoring company to honor their deal.

While prescribing an emotional support animal, the doctor won’t be able to get any material benefits. For this reason, they are more likely to support using drugs over ESAs to treat mental illnesses.

Doctors are hardwired for using drugs over Emotional Support Animals

The education of a general physician mostly includes them prescribing the right drugs for any given situation and in various permutations or combinations.

The licensing examination mostly has similar questions about prescribing the right medication to patients with certain mental disorders. Hence, some doctors cannot think outside of the box and appreciate the benefits of an emotional support animal.

Treatment results may vary

Prescribing an emotional support animal to a patient with mental problems may not always be effective.

In some cases, medicines have proven to be more helpful than the company of an ESA. In the other cases, the opposite has happened. Sometimes combining both methods is most effective.

Moreover, the traits of an animal vary from one to the other. Thus, the doctor cannot say for sure that an emotional support animal will be able to help with a condition. That’s why some doctors insist on using drugs over ESAs to treat mental illnesses.

Using drugs over ESAs is an orthodox treatment method

There are many doctors who just believe that there is no other way to heal a person than using medicine.

Using drugs over ESAs is the conventional method

They don’t want to suggest any unorthodox methods that may or may not work. In addition, they don’t want the patients to blame them or call them incompetent if there is no improvement after spending time with an ESA. These doctors simply don’t believe that holistic approaches might work out instead of the method prescribed and taught to them.

Some doctors suggest that the best way to cure some mental disorders is a combination of medicines and emotional support animals. These two approaches complement each other. Mathematically speaking, this would also increase the chances of success.

You just have to find a doctor who will prescribe an ESA to you. Once you do this, the rest of the path to recovery will be laid out for you by this doctor.