Some Uber drivers used to discriminate against service dogs in the past, and some might even do it today. They all have their reasons that range from not knowing that your dog is a service dog to severe dog allergies. But what can you to report an Uber driver if they don’t allow your service dog to ride with you?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Uber and how to report an Uber driver for discrimination.

Order an Uber

When ordering an Uber, you don’t need to inform anyone that you have a service animal. If you do, they can discriminate against you and make up another reason for not taking your ride. Just order an Uber regularly and wait for your ride.

1. Inform the Uber driver that you will be riding with your service dog

This is usually the point where a driver can choose to decline services to you and your animal. You can prevent this by informing them that your animal is a service dog.

report an Uber driver if they decline a service dog

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, they can’t decline services to you and your service animal. If they do, they are in violation of state and federal laws, and in violation of the Uber policy on transporting service dogs.

2. Address any concerns the Uber driver might have

Some people try to sneak regular pets and emotional support dogs as service animals. It would be useful if you could show a driver your service dog certification at this time. They can also ask you what tasks the dog performs for you. You should inform them,  but there’s no need to demonstrate this, and they can’t ask you to do it.

Report an Uber driver

If you’re declined even after proving that your dog is a service dog, you should report the driver either using the Uber app or via the help section on their website.

  1. Open the Uber website and go to their help section or type in You will need to sign in to your Uber account.
  2. Find the link saying “I Want To Report A Service Animal Issue”.
  3. Follow the link and fill in the requested information.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Wait up to a week to receive follow up information about your complaint.
  6. If you’re using the app, open the Uber app on your phone and sign in.
  7. Go to the “I Want To Report A Service Animal Issue” complaint screen, either through the trip details screen or the account menu button.
  8. Fill in the requested information.
  9. Submit the complaint.
  10. Wait up to a week until the issue is resolved.

What you need to know if an Uber driver doesn’t allow your service dog

Uber drivers have an obligation by state and federal laws to transport you and your service animal. Allergies, religious reasons, or fear of animals aren’t legal reasons for them to deny service to riders with service animals.

report an Uber driver if they don't allow your service dog

If they do this and you can prove it, you can even report an Uber driver to authorities. Some Uber riders have also made their issues public via social media and news outlets. This can create a lot of commotion and trouble for both Uber and the driver. Furthermore, it can raise awareness about the Americans with Disabilities Act and the issues disabled persons face in everyday life.

According to Uber’s new policies, drivers who are in violation of the Americans with disabilities act will lose their status. If you can prove that an Uber driver didn’t allow your service dog to ride with you, even one event can cause the driver not to be able to use the Uber app anymore.

If Uber can’t prove that a person with a disability was declined service due to their service animal, a repeated event can still trigger consequences for the driver. They will no longer be able to work as Uber drivers.