When you have a dog, you will never be lonely. Their loyalty, tolerance, and understanding make them the best companion anyone could have! Their only wish is for you to pay them some attention, care, and love. But the most significant nuisance dog owners face is their fido’s shedding. Fur shedding on carpets, furniture, and even valuable clothes is not pleasant. But with the right tools, it’s easy to control pet shedding, and just a small price to pay for the unconditional love a dog will return.

Dog shedding remedies at home

With the tips below, you can learn ways to control shedding while improving your dog’s coat:

1. Brushing

Use a brush, which is neither too soft nor too hard, and brush him regularly. You will see a magical difference in the amount of shedding and frequency. By brushing your dog’s hair, it gets cleaner and less likely to shed. Many vets and professionals recommend regular brushing, especially for tough shedders such as Husky, Corgi, or American Eskimo.

2. Nutrition

You should feed your dog high-quality and fresh food with high amounts of nutrients. Flaxseed oil and olive oil are excellent choices. Use either one and notice the difference. Supplement with foods you think will not provide the right amount of nutrients.

3. Don’t allow fleas to nest

Keep your canine’s health and spirits in check by controlling fleas and other insects. Keep your home free from fleas by using nets or sheets.

4. Vacuum

Vacuuming your house offers several benefits and should be a regular occurrence. Even though it doesn’t directly help with dog shedding, it is indirectly related. Vacuuming eliminates all the dog hair in most areas of the house while reducing the chances of dust allergies and fleas attacking the dog’s fur.

5. Keep the doctors close!

Pet owners think their pets are healthy because they look healthy. However, this is not always the case. Many minor diseases can significantly impact your dog’s health and coat. And some issues need immediate veterinary care. Regular visits to the vet can help you to identify these health issues before they worsen.

6. Bathe your dogs regularly

A well-bathed dog is more likely to have a healthy, shiny coat. This is essential for any animal, and during the summer, they must bathe several times a week. In winter, it isn’t easy to convince your dog to get wet. Use gentle shampoos which do not over-dry their skin.

Taking regular baths helps keep your dog's fur clean and can control pet shedding. - PetsReport
Taking regular baths helps keep your dog’s fur clean and can control pet shedding.

7. Grooming & pampering

After a soothing bath, spend some time grooming your dog’s fur. There’s no need to spend too much time grooming. Use a brush that your canine feels comfortable with and a trimmer that doesn’t make much noise. Grooming will also eliminate all the dead and damaged hair. Also, make sure to give your dog a treat after grooming.

8. Deshedding tools for heavy shedders

You may consider using a de-shedding machine if you have a breed that sheds excessively or if your dog has a large fur coat. To stop dogs from shedding short hair, opt for the rubber curry comb. After, wash off the excess hair by taking a bath or just by applying a simple towel.

9. Clean Water is the Key

Animals, like humans, require fresh and clean drinking water to stay hydrated. Pure drinking water enhances skin health by preventing it from drying out completely. Dogs’ water bowls should always be full of clean water. Keep filling them up with fresh water whenever the bowl is almost empty.

10. Air Purifiers

Not only does air purification help humans, but our pets also benefit from it. Purifiers can prevent dust and allergens from entering your bedroom as you sleep, which may also reduce the chances of dangerous infections and allergies, like infections in the eyes and ears.

We are responsible for all dog’s minor and significant needs if a dog lives in our home. It is part of our responsibility to make them feel good inside and out. Therefore make gentle de-shedding part of your routine, and your dog will love you even more.