Cats are known to be the kings and queens of the house. And they will let you know when they are hungry. You may find your cat acting as if they are never full—you have just finished feeding them, but they seem to want more. There are several reasons for a cat’s insatiable appetite. We’ll explore the possibilities in this article… if our cat lets us finish.

1. Cats Just Want to Be Served

Cats love the attention they get when it’s feeding time. Having their master prepare their food is half the fun of eating. And they want more of that.

Besides, cats have high standards when it comes to the food they eat. They want their food fresh and the bowls clean. If your serving does not meet their standards, they will give you the evil stare. So make sure you get the portion and presentation right the first time to avoid any drama. Your cat might reject their dinner or simply bother you until you get it right.

2. Cats Are Curious What You’re Eating

Just like any other animal, cats are curious about the food you eat. Even if they have just finished their food, they want to know what your food tastes like.

You may be inclined to give your cat a small sample. However, make sure the food is not toxic for your cats. It is safer to ignore their begging than to risk any health issues. If you’re unsure if your cat can eat a certain food, or if you suspect your cat has digested a toxic food, contact your vet immediately.

A cat's curiosity may be a reason for why they act hungry. - PetsReport
A cat’s curiosity may be a reason why they always act hungry.

3. A Change of Diet Is Hard to Control 

If your cat has to go on a change of diet, you may want to do it slowly. Start by taking away a few of their cat treats and with a very small portion of their new food. A sudden and abrupt change of diet could have adverse effects on their health. They may even end up not eating their food at all. 

4. Nights Are Long; Midnight Snacks Help Pass the Time

You may have woken up in the middle of the night because your cat is hungry and demanding to be fed. This is especially common among Russian Blue cats. They regularly wake up their masters and ask for nibbles. If you wish to avoid midnight snack duties, feed them before going to bed, or prepare some food they can access whenever their little tummies want to. 

But Beware of Obesity in Cats 

As pet owners, you are responsible for giving them enough and healthy food. Do not overfeed your cat, as this may result in adverse effects on their health. Remember, your cats rely on you for survival and sustenance. It is your responsibility whether they starve or go obese. Check their weight now and then, and make sure their diet is always as healthy as their vets’ advice. 

A cat’s health and happiness are in your hands. Do what’s best for your cat, even if it means ignoring their constant and endless begging for food as if they have never eaten in their whole life!