It is a great feeling to have a pet in the house. Dogs are the most common pets adopted or rescued by pet owners. If you are a first-time pet parent, this article is for you! 

Having a furry friend at home can be overwhelming. Pet lovers face many challenges, especially when starting as fur parents for the first time. If you find yourself stressed because you’re about to follow through with adopting your new dog, here are ten things you can do to achieve significant adjustments and transition for your furry friend.

1. Get all of your pet’s supplies 

It is essential to take note of your pet’s needs and supplies. Start with the necessities of your pets, which include their leash, collars, dog bowls, dog food and treats, dog beds, toys, and some grooming equipment. 

2. Dog-proof your household

You should walk around the house and check for corners that may pose risks for your pup. You may also want to keep off the items you don’t want your dog to chew. And do find a good storage place for your shoes because these are a dog’s favorite chew toys! 

3. Provide a safe space for your new pup at home

One of the great ways to provide your new dog their own safe space is by getting them a crate and training them to consider it their den. Although some people argue that putting your dogs in a crate is not “dog friendly,” Sherry Woodard, editor at Best Friends Animal Society, believes that it is an excellent opportunity to give your dog a space of his own. However, if you disagree with the idea of crate-training your pet, you can always opt for a dog gate or pen to give them their own space in the house. 

4. Plan how you’ll pick your dog up from the shelter 

When picking up your new pup, you must plan on picking him up. A few things to consider are having someone drive you to get your dog so you can comfort them throughout your drive home. Also, ask the shelter about the dog food they feed their pets so you can incorporate it as part of your pup’s diet. 

Picking up your new puppy at the shelter is one of the steps you should plan for when adopting a dog. - PetsReport
Picking up your new puppy at the shelter is one of the steps you should plan for when adopting a dog.

5. Give your pup a house tour

After picking them up from the shelter, give your dog a house tour. You can do this while they are on a leash and allow them to sniff around. Let them sniff the dog bed, toys, and food bowls. It is also essential to give them short commands such as “NO” or “STOP” on things or places that are off-limits. 

6. Show your yard, aka his “playground”

After showing them your house, it is time that you let your dog sniff around the yard. This yard tour is a significant place as this will serve as a playground for you and your dog. Provide a potty spot and show it to them right away. 

7. Plan on your family introduction

You should sit down and talk with your family about the dog as the latest member of the house. Discuss with them the basics, which include feeding, walking, and training. 

8. Gradually change your dog’s diet

It is not good to change your dog’s diet in an instant. You should add the food which the shelter was feeding your dog and slowly change the diet. Consult your local vet on the best dog food you can offer to your new pup. 

9. Start your training immediately

Regardless if you get an adult dog or a puppy, dog training should begin immediately. You can start by crate training and showing the new toys. Positive reinforcement always works best in training, so get your dog treats ready as motivation!

10. Visit your local vet

Once you have your dog, schedule a check-up with your local vet as soon as possible. Make sure that your dog is healthy and has complete and updated vaccination. 

Getting a dog is a lifetime responsibility. Remember that your dog’s adjustment in your house depends on you, and knowing these basic requirements will help you get around smoothly. With a good start, the relationship between your dog and you will only flourish.