Hearing your dog’s nails tap-tap-tapping on the floor as he does his happy dance may make you smile. However, it also indicates that those nails are in need of a trim. Unfortunately, pet owners often forget about this vital grooming task or don’t do it properly. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, you will need to find the best nail clippers for dogs.

Trimming your dog’s nails regularly helps prevent pain and future injury in your companion. Since many pups don’t particularly enjoy people touching their feet, many pet parents skip this part of the grooming process.

Choosing the best nail clippers for dogs is often confusing because there are several types on the market. Choosing the right kind is important as it makes the task easier on you and less stressful for your four-legged best friend. In the list below, you will find some of the most common types of nail clippers for dogs to help you determine which ones are best for your dog.

Best Nail Clippers for Dogs – Scissor Clippers

Scissor clippers are some of the most common dog nail clippers, and they work just like a pair of scissors. These are the best nail clippers for dogs of larger breeds with bigger, thicker claws. This is because they provide the force necessary to cut through tough nails safely.

Also known as Miller’s Forge Trimmers, scissor clippers are versatile. They allow you to trim your dog’s nails comfortably for both you and your pet. The only drawback to this type of clipper is that they require a bit more strength to use than other types. This could be problematic if you have a weak grip or suffer from arthritis.

When shopping for the best nail clippers for dogs, look for a brand of scissor clippers that features a safety guard. This guard prevents you from accidentally trimming too far and cutting your dog’s quickly. DakPets Dog & Cat Nail Clippers are an excellent choice because they feature a safety guard as well as ergonomic grips and a built-in file to eliminate rough edges.

Choosing the right nail clipper for your dog will help make this grooming less stressful for both of you. - PetsReport
Choosing the right nail clipper for your dog will help make this grooming less stressful for both of you.

Best Nail Clippers for Dogs – Guillotine Clippers

Guillotine clippers are another popular choice, and the way they work is a lot less gruesome than the name implies. They feature a retractable blade that you activate by squeezing the handles. The blade emerges from the clippers and slices through the nail.

The downside to guillotine clippers is that they only work properly when the blade is extremely sharp. If the blade is dull, it will crush the claw rather than slice through it neatly. These are the best nail clippers for dogs of small to mid-size breeds. However, you shouldn’t try using them on larger dogs.

If you are in the market for a set of guillotine clippers, try Resco Original Deluxe Dog and Cat Nail/Claw Clippers. Resco invented guillotine-style nail clippers back in 1937, and their products feature replaceable blades. They are also available in numerous sizes and come with a lifetime warranty. Safari Guillotine Dog Nail Trimmers are on the list of best nail clippers for dogs.

Grinder Tools

Grinder tools have become well-known on the market largely due to infomercials for Pedi Paws. These trimmers work by grinding down the nail rather than cutting it. They work well for large dogs with thick nails that are difficult to cut with scissor clippers or guillotine clippers.

They are also effective for some dogs who do not like the feeling of having their nails clipped. Grinders utilize rotary sanding drums to remove excess nail without leaving sharp edges.

It is important to note, however, that the grinding process takes significantly longer than clipping. Many dogs also dislike the sound and vibration that these devices produce. Using a grinder can be dangerous, so your dog must be calm and relaxed during the process.

If you think a grinder may be the right solution for your canine companion, check out the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool. It features two speeds to trim pet nails quickly and easily. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

Using the right nail clippers makes grooming easier on both you and your canine companion. When shopping for the best nail clippers for dogs, be sure to choose a pair made with high-quality components. There should also be safety features to help you avoid cutting your dog’s quickly. Many dogs do not enjoy the nail trimming process. However, with the right tools and a little training and practice, you will be able to keep your pup’s claws trimmed and healthy.

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